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BOS is a resiliency based program that empowers frontline workers to take charge of their mental health.  The program uniquely combines theoretical and experiential learning procedures to mitigate the effects of operational stress. As we work to continue to understand the impact of operational stress, our evidence tells us we can provide tools to proactively cushion the impact of frontline work. While it is understood that frontline employees will inevitably be exposed to operational stress,  that does not mean they are destined to have their lives ruined by the psychological effects of their work.

In partnership with the Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment (CIPSRT), Wayfound Mental Health Group is thrilled to offer the BOS program through the financial support from the Public Health Agency of Canada. For a limited time, this evidence backed mental health support is available to frontline workers across Canada at no cost. 

To access this opportunity, please click the link below.

*As a part of this project, all individuals are invited to participate in a research project evaluating the BOS program. The research is being conducted independently by researchers at the Canadian Institute of Public Research and Treatment (CIPSRT). Participation in the research is voluntary and is not a requirement for participation in the BOS program.

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*If you do not have a registration code, please use GEN2022 to register. 

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