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Wayfound Launches New Approach to Combat Mental Health Crisis

New BOS Online delivers innovative mental health resiliency programming to public safety employees and other at-risk groups

Wayfound announces an exciting development for the BOS (Before Operational Stress) Program

Wayfound is proud to announce an exciting development for the BOS (Before Operational Stress) Program. York Regional Police is the first ever public safety service to provide their new recruits with the BOS Program. This is a game-changing development in the public safety field and provides new members with important tools to manage their mental health at the earliest stage of their career. Wayfound’s Dr. Andrew Carlquist is the clinician facilitating this milestone event. Congratulations to Dr. Carlquist on his amazing work and dedication to protecting the mental health of our public safety population. The BOS Program was developed by Wayfound CEO, Dr. Megan McElheran and is presented in partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada. Our sincere appreciation and gratitude go out to Wounded Warriors Canada and York Regional Police Service for taking this important step forward in proactive mental health services.

Wounded Warriors Alberta headquarters opens doors to Edmonton veterans, first responders

The mental health service provider supporting veterans, first responders, and their families has opened its provincial headquarters in east Edmonton. With the opening of its Alberta headquarters, Wounded Warriors’ supportive services are expected to be more accessible to individuals in the Edmonton area. “This is an incredible opportunity not just for my staff but everyone who is working and struggling with mental health, addictions, and situations where they can now walk in and have somebody to have a conversation with,” said Edmonton Fire Rescue Services chief Joe Satiny. Scott Maxwell, executive director at Wounded Warriors Canada, says Edmonton is the first fire service in the country to partner with Wounded Warriors to prepare recruits. Wounded Warrior’s Before Operational Stress (BOS) Program works with first responders to build their mental health and resilience in preparation for the stress they’ll encounter at work. Maxwell says there is no better place or time to get curriculums like BOS into the minds of first responders than at the recruit level. Wounded Warriors also offers youth programs to children whose parents live with post-traumatic stress disorder. The mental health service provider has reached over 300 children across Canada since the program began in 2018. Cpl. Andy Social, a military veteran who has participated in Wounded Warriors’ programs, credits them for a better relationship with his son. He says while sometimes it can be difficult to seek mental health support, having peer support can make things easier. “Sometimes it’s hard and other times you have somebody like myself to let you know that it’s OK to go see a professional to help your family and yourself.” A ribbon-cutting ceremony for Wounded Warriors’ Alberta headquarters took place Thursday at 47 Street and 81 Avenue.

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Wayfound is proud to be the presenting sponsor of UpTalk Podcast, with Sean Conohan.

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