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Wayfound has chosen Mozzaz as our Digital Platform for our Mental Health services for Public Safety Personnel & First Responders

Amid rising rates of mental health conditions, Wayfound Mental Health Group selects Mozzaz to deploy a digital platform that will increase accessibility to support resources.

Canada's First Psychedelic Training Program for Mental Health Professionals Concludes and is Deemed a Huge Success

Innovative training program provides therapists across the country with access to leading-edge training on psychedelic medicine and assisted therapy with Continuing Education Credits

Listen to UpTalk Podcast

Wayfound is proud to be the presenting sponsor of UpTalk Podcast, with Sean Conohan.

Why some medical staff are calling it quits amid COVID-19

Psychologist Megan McElheran says COVID stressors and medical culture are a “recipe for traumatizing people”

Find Us In Impact Magazine.

Wayfound is thrilled to be featured in the November 2020 edition of Impact Magazine as one of the top doctors & medical champions.

Find Us In Avenue Magazine

This month we are proud to be featured in Avenue Magazines, Optimize your health section.

TED Talk: Level Up Conversations On Mental Health, Dr. Megan McElheran

Dr. McElheran discusses the impact that COVID-19 has had on mental health and explores how people are reconstructing their lives and worldviews while adjusting to an uncertain future.

BOS On Global News Calgary

The BOS program was recently featured on Global News Calgary in an article by Demi Knight.

TED Talk: Trauma Change Resilience

Dr. Megan McElheran discusses “Trauma Change Resilience” at the 2011 TEDxYYC.