Red Deer Health Team​

Nadia Pirbhai, B.Sc., M.C., R.Psych. AB (she/her)

Manager & Operator Red Deer Clinic/Registered Psychologist

Nadia Pirbhai is a registered psychologist and the manager/operator of the Red Deer Wayfound clinic. Working extensively with adults in individual, couple, and group settings, Nadia is passionate about helping her clients live more purposeful and rewarding lives. She enjoys using mindfulness and psychodynamic talk therapy to help determine root cause of problematic behaviour, subsequently helping clients manage and resolve their roadblocks while simultaneously recognizing their strengths and potential.  

Nick RD

Nicholas (Nick) Breitenbach, B.A., M.A., R.Psych. (he/they)

Registered Psychologist

Nick is a Registered Psychologist. He believes in a collaborative approach with his client setting goals for therapy, while he provides the space and support for his client’s journey to meet these goals. He is strongly passionate about work related to sexuality and/or relationships, whether these problems are being faced alone or with partner(s). His philosophy with therapy involves a focus of helping the client improve their relationships with other people, with their environment, and with themselves. Nick utilizes many different therapeutic approaches to help his clients reach their therapeutic needs and goals and maximize growth.


Dianne Gomes, M.C., B.Ed. (she/her)

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Dianne is a Registered Provisional Psychologist who has been providing counselling services since 2004. In addition to her Masters in Counselling, the knowledge base and experience Dianne gained through her work as a Registered Nurse, teacher, and school counsellor provide her with a unique perspective and deep understanding of the human condition. She is passionate about supporting tweens, teens, and adults who are struggling with a variety of concerns including: current or historical trauma, relationship breakdown, self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and grief. Dianne believes in the ability of the human spirit to heal, grow, and overcome adversity. It is her hope that the counselling process will help you feel empowered, find meaning, learn new ways to handle stressors, develop self-compassion, reconnect with your authentic self, improve relationships, and build a purposeful, fulfilling life.

Jessica McDonald, B.A. Psych., M.C. ​

Registered Psychologist

Jessica is a Registered Psychologist and has a diversified background working with various mental health concerns and struggles. She provides services to preschoolers, children, adolescents, adults and couples.  Jessica works with clients who are struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, work stress, trauma or marital issues using a client-centered approach. She also specializes in learning/school assessments, gifted testing, ADHD assessments and Social/Emotional testing. Her approach with clients, is to provide them with skills to better manage their emotions, help them manage their day-to-day stresses and improve their overall coping strategies. Her ultimate goal, is for her clients to feel they are heard, seen and understood. 

Shauna Philip, B.Ed., M.C.​

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Shauna is a Registered Provisional Psychologist.  Through the intersection of Shauna’s work in education (spanning from early learning to post-secondary) and psychology, she has experience with both individuals and groups.  Shauna works with clients facing a range of educational, well-being, and other presenting concerns such as academic pressure, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationship, stress, grief and loss, PTSD, design of trauma-sensitive classrooms, and compassion fatigue/burnout.  Shauna engages with clients using a relational and strengths-based framework to co-investigate and leverage personal strengths inviting clients to reclaim a rich, full, and meaningful life.  This is supported by introducing the usefulness of psychological flexibility while grounding in value-guided actions while appreciating the experience of being in the present.

Juli Sinclair, M.A., B.Sc. (she/her)

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Juli is a Registered Provisional Psychologist. She has previously worked in post-secondary and school environments. Juli enjoys working with older children, teens, and adults who may experience challenges such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, trauma, and life stress. She is passionate about helping others overcome the obstacles that may interfere with them living an authentic and balanced life.  Juli’s counselling philosophy is both strength-based and client-centred. This means she utilizes client strengths and collaboration to develop treatment plans that will facilitate meaningful change. Juli draws on different therapeutic approaches to help clients understand their thoughts and emotions and discover their own strengths and abilities. Juli aims to create a safe space for her clients where they can feel empowered, supported, and understood. 

Kathy Stolson, B.Sc., M.A.

Registered Psychologist (AB)

Kathy is a registered psychologist and has worked with a diverse clientele over her career. Common themes she has noticed throughout the different settings is that asking for help can be difficult and takes a tremendous amount of courage. Also, almost everyone can benefit from the opportunity to share and explore in a non judgemental, comfortable setting. This experience can lead to an opportunity to learn new ls, build on existing skills and/or gain a new perspective.

Jessica Bennett, B.A. Psyc, B.HSc. Addiction Counselling, M.A. Counselling Psychology (Practicum Student)

Jessica is currently in the final stages of completing her Master’s in Counselling Psychology with Yorkville University and joins Wayfound with an extensive counselling background in Mental Health, Addiction, Crisis, and Maternal Mental Health Counselling. She has spent the last 11 years working with Alberta Health Services – Addiction & Mental Health, in individual and group settings, and has supported many clients as they navigate the diverse transitions and challenges of life. Jessica approaches therapy with a deep curiosity for understanding each client’s unique story. She believes that every individual possesses the innate capacity to cope and find meaning and fulfillment in life. Jessica is passionate about human connection and utilizes a wide range of therapeutic techniques and approaches to help clients gain insight and develop a strong foundation of self-awareness that allows them to process unresolved traumas and break free from the patterns that no longer serve them.

Alana Hovland, RSW, BSW, MSW (Practicum Student)

Currently finishing her Master of Social Work through Dalhousie University, Alana has 10 years of experience working with a variety of clients from children, adolescents, adults and most recently within corrections. She works from an eclectic, biopsychosocial framework that celebrates and supports our individuality. Alana values building genuine connections, with honesty and trust as pillars to her work. She honours clients’ resiliency, strengths, and personal resources and creates a safe place for people to explore and process their experiences.