Dr. Dan McKinnon, Ph.D. (Education), MA (Counselling)

Psychedelics Preparation & Integration Psychologist​

Dan is a registered psychologist who offers extensive experience and expertise to clients who are in the midst of a life changing transition, emotional quandary, grief work, spiritual discovery and/or existential dilemma. He has completed specialized training and certification in emotion focused therapy, focusing-oriented therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, positive psychology, and narrative therapy.

Dan’s approach is person-centered and based on the healing power of the therapeutic alliance. It entails creating a safe, open, engaging relational space. He acts as a catalytic companion by using strategic questions to probe and coax the client to the meaningful discoveries and adaptations that will make a difference for them. His specialties as an existential, developmental and integral psychologist are powered by his passion for being a collaborator with a client in their personal change, meaning-making and growth.

Dan began researching psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (PAP) in 2018 and commenced his formal PAP training in 2021. He began studying and practicing contemplative disciplines, dream interpretation, non-ordinary states of consciousness and psycho-spiritual discovery work at the age of fourteen.

Jessica V

Jessica Van der Hoek

Advanced Care Paramedic, Director of Programming - Psychedelics

Jessica van der Hoek is our Director of Programming. She comes to us with 21yrs of experience as a paramedic and is registered as an Advanced Care Paramedic in Alberta.  She leads our team of six advanced care paramedics. 

Jessica’s passion for psychedelic assisted therapy comes from her own experience of being diagnosed with treatment resistant PTSD. Jessica sought out psychedelics after trying all other available treatments and medications. After a life changing experience at a weeklong psychedelic retreat, Jessica realized that psychedelics would change the face of mental health. She also realized people need access to this type of treatment and began a campaign to make this happen.  

Jessica has extensive experience working with psychedelics including Ketamine and brings her experience as a PTSD survivor to the program. Jessica has strong ties to the first responder community and a passion for mental health. Jessica also runs an equine assisted therapy program for First Responders and Military Personnel. 


Dr. Ravinder Bains M.D.

Consulting Psychiatrist

Dr. Ravinder Bains earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology prior to studying medicine at the University of Manitoba in his home province. He completed a psychiatric residency at Dalhousie University, where he went on to complete a fellowship in Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). Since graduating in 2006, he has enjoyed practicing as a psychiatrist, and as a psychotherapist, but has also been increasingly aware of the limitations of conventional psychiatric medications. These medicines are very often ineffective, intolerable, as well as often dependency forming.

Dr. Bains has always emphasized psychotherapy and lifestyle interventions, wherever possible. However, having followed research developments of recent years, he has become increasingly enthusiastic about the prospects of the treatments known as psychedelic medicines and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies. These therapies hold tremendous promise for a broad range of psychiatric disorders, particularly treatment-resistant disorders.

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Dr. Keith Courtney


Dr. Keith Courtney is a board-certified psychiatrist who has been practicing since 1995. Dr. Courtney graduated from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1990. He completed his residency in general psychiatry at Louisiana State University in New Orleans and a fellowship in cross-cultural psychiatry at the University of Minnesota. He is board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and is a fellow of the American Society of Addictions Medicine. He has been on the faculties of Dartmouth University, the University of Vermont, Louisiana State University, and the University of Nevada. He is currently on the faculty of the University of Calgary where he supervises residents and medical students. Dr. Courtney’s areas of interest include psychiatric assessment, psychopharmacology, psychotherapy (including psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, mindfulness-based therapies, and others), sports and performance arts mental health issues, psychedelic therapies, and complementary and alternative psychiatric interventions. He has worked extensively with correctional inmates, homeless individuals, victims of war and other traumas, men’s mental health, the LGBTQI+ community, as well as with members of sports and performance arts communities.

Adults, Adolescents, Men’s Mental Health, LGBTQI+ communities, Incarcerated Individuals, Homeless Individuals, Police and Correctional officers, and Individuals involved in Performance Arts and Sports

Modalities / Treatment Methods:
Psychopharmacology, Psychedelic Psychiatry, Complementary and Alternative Psychiatry, Psychotherapy (including Short-term Psychodynamic Therapy Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Mindfulness-based Psychotherapies), Cross-Cultural Psychiatry, and Addictions Medic