What Is Government Funded BOS?

The University of Regina and CIPSRT obtained a federal government grant to serve health care and public safety employees with the Wayfound Before Operational Stress (BOS) program  across Canada.  This is a resiliency training program with evidence informed research that demonstrates positive mental outcomes for workers who face operational stress as part of their job.

With this grant we are able to provide BOS to the following professions:
Nurses (RN,  ND, LPN), Health Aides (PSW), Medical Doctors ( MD), Law Enforcement,  Corrections, EMS and Firefighters.

BOS (Before Operational Stress) is a resiliency-based program that empowers YOU and other public safety and healthcare employees to take charge of your own mental health.  As we work to continue to understand operational stress, our research tells us we can provide tools to proactively cushion the impact of your work so that you can do your job without tragic consequences. We know you will inevitably be exposed to operational stress,  that does not mean you are destined to have your life ruined by the psychological effects of your work.

We know public safety and healthcare employees need information to protect themselves.  Further, we know they need practice and support to incorporate  knowledge and experiences into their operational roles. BOS delivers on these objectives by offering a variety of programs to support public safety and healthcare employees throughout their careers.

We are excited to share this program with you through your employer. There is LIMITED space, so If you have received information from your employer about this program and are interested in registering, click below to start the registration process. If you are interested in learning more about BOS but were not directed here by your employer please visit https://wayfound.ca/about-bos

As a part of this project, the individual participants will be asked if they would like to participate in BOS program research surveys.  As this information is invaluable  we ask that participants consider being involved in the research study. Participation in this research study is voluntary and is not a requirement for participation in the BOS program. 

The research study is being conducted by researchers at the Canadian Institute of Public Research and Treatment (CIPSRT). 

If you participate in the BOS program evaluation, you will need to complete different self-report questionnaires at different times as part of surveys that measure general symptoms related to stress, mental health, and risk and protective factors for stress and mental health. Participants will be invited to complete a survey at the beginning of the BOS program, another at the end of the BOS program, and a final survey three months after completion of the BOS program. Together, these surveys will allow the researchers to evaluate whether or not changes occur over time as a result of people completing the BOS program. Research like this allows us to offer this programs to more participants in the future.