BOS Continuum of Care

BOS encompasses a suite of research-backed, proactive, resiliency-based programs for public safety personnel & other at-risk industries.

Widely available, online program that the participant can complete at their own pace. Ideal for participants who are remote, looking for a more economical option, or need a refresh following a more intensive BOS delivery.

Provides the key concepts of the BOS program through a self-directed modality with opportunities for in-depth, self reflective practice and

Classroom-based learning approach to the BOS. Intended for new recruits and early-career positions in public safety or other at-risk industries.
Provides key BOS concepts at the start of a career to raise awareness and help mitigate the impacts of operational stress.

Eight-week, one-hour, video conference presented live by an expert mental health professional.

Intended for individuals with operational experience. Suitable for peer support, wellness groups, and preexisting cohorts.

Provides key concepts and strategies of the BOS program with opportunity for questions and discussion.

Eight weeks of two-hour group therapeutic intervention.

Intended for individuals who may be experiencing symptoms related to operational stress that is impacting their life.

Shown by research to reduce symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, and stress.

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